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Here are the monasteries in Bucovina you can visit near Casa Elvira: Dragomirna Monastery, Humor Monastery, Moldoviţa Monastery, Probota Monastery, Putna Monastery, Râşca Monastery, Suceviţa Monastery, Voronet Monastery.

No matter which route the tourist who wanders through the Upper Country chooses, the encounter with the Pietrele Doamnei (Rarău) reserve, one of the most spectacular in the Romanian Carpathians, is surprising even for a good connoisseur of mountains.

In the place where the town of Cacica is located today, salt deposits were discovered and in 1798 a salt mine was put into operation here, which became famous for the sights that can be visited inside: the Roman Catholic Chapel of St. Varvara, Salt Lake, Dance Hall also called “Eng. Agripa Popescu Hall”.

Lucina – Herghelia and the Nature Reserve which is within the reach of the commune of Moldova – Sulita, in the hamlet of Lucină, at ​​an altitude of 1200m.

We also recommend you to visit the “Arta lemnului” Museum and the “Prof. Ioan Ţugui” Spoon Collection from Câmpulung Moldovenesc, Black Ceramics from Marginea, the Egg Museum from Vama, the International Museum of Sealed Eggs from Moldoviţa, the Rădăuţi Ethnographic Museum, the Ciprian Memorial House Pigeon from Stupca. You must not miss a ride on the “Hutulca” mocanica.

Why choose Casa Elvira in Bucovina

  • the geographical position in the middle of the Upper Country facilitates easy access to the main tourist attractions without having to travel long and tiring routes

  • having a location under the forest you benefit from peace, clean air and a beautiful view

  • in the more than 12 years of experience, we have managed to learn from mistakes and go through all the limit situations so that we can now offer good services
  • having a yard and a garden of over 10,000 square meters, you have a lot of free space at your disposal where children can run freely and safely and where you can enjoy the desired privacy
  • the rooms have a balcony, a place where you can breathe the air of the fir forest in the morning with a cup of coffee
  • we use ingredients from local producers, everything is made by us in-house on the same day, you won’t find supermarket-like products.

Accommodation at a guesthouse in Bucovina

Once upon a time there was in Bucovina…

There was once a family of worthy people who believed that there should not be a soul who had not at least once enjoyed the land of Bucovina, had not shared a pious silence in the monasteries here or had not left his soul to fly in the cathedral of forests that still look the same as at the beginning of Time. Everyone should enjoy the taste of the dishes, the authenticity of the traditions, but above all the warmth of Bucovina’s hospitality.

Like any story, ours had to have a special realm. And where can the Bucovina spirit be purer than in a commune that is not called Vama by chance, but because it has been for centuries a proud boundary between two worlds: that of historical Transylvania, where it derives its traditions of rigor, cleanliness and diligence and that of voivodeship Moldavia, where he learned hospitality, culinary refinement and orthodox humility.

Our guesthouse, CASA ELVIRA is located in the Suceava commune of Vama, right at the crossroads of the road that connects Moldova with Transylvania and the one that leads to the Moldovița Monastery. However, the road and the car are not the only option to find us. You can reach us by train, getting off at the Vama station, or by plane to Suceava Airport, located 50 kilometers away.

Although it is small at the foot of the mountain, far from the noise of the road, CASA ELVIRA is an ideal place for those who want to do religious tourism, because from here it is extremely easy to reach the Holy Monasteries of Bucovina: Moldoviţa (15 km), Voroneţ (20 km), Humor (25 km). Just as well, you can go to the pisc of Rarău, but also to TransRarău, the newest and most spectacular mountain road in Romania. Only five minutes away by car are two special facilities offered by the city of Gura Humorului: the ski slope and the covered swimming pool, with an Olympic-sized pool.

Our story is also that of a family made up of three generations of people who welcome you with an open heart into their home. It’s a story where children have their own corner, with a wooden fort, swings and lots of other things they will enjoy, but also almost a hectare of natural grass lawns on which to fly in the fresh mountain air. It is also a modern story, because we first offer parents a bit of sport (basketball, volleyball, table tennis) but also the generous space of a gazebo with an oven and grill or that of the dining room and bright hallways where they can socialize. Our story is also for gourmets, because a visit to our guesthouse means sharing some culinary wonders. We proudly offer dishes that are prepared according to old Bucovina recipes and use exclusively ingredients that we prepare at home or carefully choose from local people, from households that still have the craft of preparing things that you can’t find at the supermarket . Whoever tastes our mushroom borscht, our smoked meats and our affinata will fall irreparably in love with CASA ELVIRA.

As in any authentic romanian household, the holidays are a story in themselves. Our special programs for Christmas, New Year’s or Easter offer you not only a return to the Romanian traditions, so well preserved in our Bucovina, but also a permanent concern for the comfort and entertainment of the guests.

Your nobles, I mounted a saddle and told you the story like this. If you still believe in stories, we invite you with love, if you don’t, we invite you with as much love to convince you that a visit to Bucovine, at CASA ELVIRA is not just a vacation, but a real pilgrimage initiative.

Who is Elvira?

She is the keeper of traditions.

Elvira is the grandmother of the family, who promised to teach the young people the old traditions, culinary secrets and good old customs of their ancestors.
And he taught them well.
A family of worthy and benevolent people, three generations of warm people will know how to welcome you and make your stay wonderful.


  • Habits of Holidays and Culinary Traditions

Obiceiuri de sărbători și tradiții culinare

La cerere, oaspeții Casei Elvira pot participa la demonstrații ale meșterilor din zonă: încondeierea ouălor, împodobirea bundițelor, prepararea bucatelor, tăierea porcului etc. De Sfintele Paști, organizăm programe speciale, care includ participarea la Slujba de Înviere

Atracții turistice în zona Casei Elvira

Poziția privilegiată a Pensiunii Casa Elvira, în inima geografică a Bucovinei românești, la intersecție de drumuri istorice, este reflectată de distanțele mici față de numeroase obiective turistice și istorice. Distanțe față de obiective/localități din zona

Trasee montane în Bucovina

NOTE: - Traseele de mai jos reprezintă sugestii generice de circuite montane de o zi cu plecare și sosire în apropierea Pensiunii Elvira – Vama. Pentru detalii

Trasee turistice în Bucovina

NOTĂ: Traseele de mai jos reprezintă sugestii generice de circuite de o zi cu plecare și sosire la Pensiunea Elvira – Vama. Pentru detalii și informații legate de starea curentă a traseelor, vă rugăm să


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