Our pet policy:
We are animal lovers and accept them to accompany you during your stay at Casa-Elvira Guesthouse.
A fee of 50 lei/day is charged for each pet.
Number of animals accepted: 1 animal of smaller or medium size.
Animal companions must assure us of their good behavior.

Please take into account the following suggestions:
Animals are NOT allowed in the beds, to climb the walls or the furniture. Please bring their own equipment, sleeping bed, beds, towels and food bowls.
Animals are NOT allowed in the lounge where meals are served.
We do NOT sympathize with dogs that bark or bite carpets, scratch parquet or furniture. For the comfort and peace of you and the other guests, please ensure that you can control the barking dogs.
In case of damages, the owners of the animals are FULLY responsible and will bear the cost of these damages.
Pets cannot be left unattended in the boarding house for long periods (no more than 3 hours). We believe that it is not natural to leave an animal in an unfamiliar place. If you still have to leave it in the room, you must let us know. He must be well trained so that, in case we need to enter the room, we will not be attacked or bitten or let us escape.
Please leave a mobile phone number before leaving so we can contact you.
The animals must be clean, not have fleas or ticks. Before entering the room/apartment, please wipe their fur and paws with the towel you brought.
For everyone’s protection, the leash is mandatory.
At the end, please dispose of your animals’ droppings properly.
Thank you!